Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poor little buddy

So, for the past couple of weeks, D has been extremely fussy... and he is now 2, we are trying to get him out of the "WAHHHHHH" mode and get him to express his frustrations with words.
He throws fits and just being whiney.

He now goes in the corner if he wants to whine. He can come out when he dries it up.

You might think this is harsh... but he whining and crying about NOTHING have become constant.

We don't deal with fits.. so throw it in the corner by yourself!!

And it stops him pretty quick.

Now, this week, he has been fussy more than usual... and he won't stop... and I didn't get it at all... he was living in the corner.
Even with the unusually messy diapers and the very low grade temp he started running, I figured his sinuses were getting to him.

Then when the small burping up of milk came... I just hoped he wasn't getting that stomach bug going around.

then I was talking to my mom... and I realized, everyone else sees my kids as babies still... I guess I don't...

Because I never thought about the fact that he could be cutting his 2 year, very painful, make you feel like crap, molars.

He is.

I feel like a heel.

2 have just popped through and the others are working on it.

Sorry little buddy.. I suck.
I guess I just need to always see you as a itty bitty baby.


Emmilu said...

ouch, yeah those hurt!! We had little rough spell when Liam cut his, but it was just a few months ago!! Late teether, I guess. Hopefully they will break through soon and he will be back to his normal now-two-year-old self!!

sterlingirl said...

Ryan's are popping through, too. She's never been fussy with her teeth but she did go through a brief whiney stage recently but that was right after all the hospital mess. I think she is finally back to her ol' silly self!