Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random.. yet again

We have been so busy with getting this house sell ready.... but you know what.. we are done... it is on the market... it is on realtor.com and a sign should be in the yard today.
Lets hope it sells quickly. Lets hope that it doesn't take many evacuations of 4 humans and 4 animals to get someone to buy.
Now... maintenance mode.

My mom and Tra have been such big helps with getting the house ready... they have spent many of days painting, and cleaning and all of that. I love them for it... I could never repay it.

I found out that a friend of mine has been waiting until we could get together to tell me she was pregnant... she wanted to surprise me and some more soccer buds...

she is due in 10 weeks.
She LOOKS like she is like 20 weeks.
She looked wonderful.

We finally did our income taxes and got them submitting and those funds should be hitting our savings account soon. I love income tax time.

I almost had round 3 of the plumber coming out.... and I caught the culprit wet handed too.
He had push and flushed 1 rag... he was going for a second.
Thankfully... it came out with the plumbing snake.


Speaking of snakes....

The oldest wants one... a real one for his birthday.
We are going to take him to a pet store to handle one to see if it is a for real want.
and yes, if it is, we are considering it... We might let Nana buy one for him.... WITH a few ground rules.
1) it is a CAPTIVE BREED ONLY Ball Python that is a baby when we get it.
2) it comes with everything it needs... including a double locking aquarium.
3) I can't be responsible what happens if it touches me.
4) I want it to be fed frozen mice... not a real one that will squeak when captured.
5) The boys do NOT get to watch it eat.


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