Monday, June 9, 2008

So exhausted

This was a busy weekend.. but still, a good one.

A friend of mine, Shelley, got married to great guy. He makes her so happy and is completely and totally nuts about her. When I get pics, I will have to post. The reception was everything I expected out of Shell.. just a big party where her and Jamie shut it down. I was able to see a lot of college buddies again and it was wonderful. Many from the softball team Shell and I both played. It was great to see them again.

We stayed at a hotel Saturday night while the boys spent all day Saturday and all morning Sunday with the Pops and Ka-ka. We ended up at a later service for church than our kids and I am sure some were pretty confused by that, but gotta be honest... not having that fight and actually being able to hear and pay attention to what the preacher said was nice.

Unfortunately, we were not able to leave Nashvegas until late and didn't get home until 10pm. But it was worth it. Had a great time.

**From the last post.. just so you people will know, I am NOT pregnant. No worries there. Don't worry about 'punching through the screen'. lol.

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