Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday, the 13th

You know, usually these days are uneventful for me... I say that.. about every 4 years they seem to be eventful, and my last eventful Friday the 13th was in August 2004.. four years later, we get last Friday..

It started out as a normal day.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. UNTIL we went inside for a bath before lunch.

2 naked babies very happy in the bath, 1 naked baby gets out to potty, 2nd naked baby not all too happy and tries to race out of the tub... feet go out from under him and WHAM!

"Mrs B, will you please come over and watch G, I need to take D to the doc for stitches."
'no problem, be right there'

hour later at the ER,
'Case, this is mom, Mrs B got worried about Mr B because she couldn't get a hold of him, I came over to relieve her of G.. Case, she found him on the kitchen seizing and she doesn't know how long he has been there. 911 is on their way.' *This was through sobs of complete fear.*

Sasha was none too fazed.

Just so you know. D is fine, they superglued him, it has come apart and the superglue has already come off.. (aka.. they should have stitched him), but it is too late for all that now. His chin is fine.. and you can't see it at all unless make him let you see.
Mr B is fine now, he blood sugar bottomed out and that is why he was seizing.. it bottomed out again at the hospital. They kept him over night, and now he is at home feeling better and on a new regimen. Hopefully that will include an insulin pump soon.


Jessica said...

WOW! I'm sorry your 13th was so crazy! I am glad everyone is okay in the end. When you started out, I was afraid you were going to say that they wanted to call CPS at the ER or something.

Emmilu said...

What a crazy day.. gald everyone's alright.

Anonymous said...

Poor little D and poor Momma!

It's Kimpossible! said...

For a second, I thought you meant that G was on the floor seizing. Then, I remembered the story.

Of course, glad D is fine (and G!)He sure is a rought and tumble boy. Good luck with that whole sanity retaining issue.