Thursday, June 12, 2008

The goin's on 'round here

Let's see...

D and G totally are daddy's boys. There are small times when D will want me over J, and of course when they are sick or don't feel good, they want momma.. but fun, they are all over J. Oh well

G and D's new game is the strategically place couch cushions on the floor in front of the couch and say "do do fee, ump" [two two three, jump].. they haven't quite grasped the one. I have a feeling this new game will end up with a broken bone by years end.

My uncle C was just diagnosed with lung Cancer. I worry about him.

Sometimes I wish I had a private blog just for me so I could vent and vent and vent about crap.. but I would not have time to update it... it would be kinda worthless.. then someone would find it, want to read it, and when I would say no that would cause all kinds of drama.. so I just won't.

Can you believe that this was the boy who just came to me to tell me D was 'nasty'...