Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Typical boys

Me: Gav, get over here and give me lovin'
G: Ok mama
Me: I love getting hugs from you.
G: I love you mommy
Me: I love you too baby... always will... no matter what
*I said this close to his cheek.
G: ugh.. yuck *as he wipes his cheek*
Me: Nice Gav... nice. way to ruin the moment


*I see Dyl has taken my Pepsi off the table and has begun drinking it.. and I start walking to him and he recognizes me getting up and KNOOOOOOOWS he is in trouble.
**You don't mess with mom's Pepsi.

D: Sowy Mommy.. sowy.sowy mommy *all this time he is handing me my Pepsi back.
Me: Its ok baby, and thank you for saying your sorry, but don't do it again.
D: Sowy mommy... sowy...

*5 minutes later I spot him going back for it...
Me: DYLAN!!!
D: Sowy mommy... sowy...

He has realized that gets him out of a lot... it is just too cute.


Me: Ok boys.. what do you want to be for Halloween?
*in unison*
D: Suwpaman
G: Batman
Me: Ok D, you want Superman, G you want Batman
G: NO!!! I want Soupaman
Me: Ok, you both want Superman
D: NO!! Batman
Me: Ok, G Superman, D Batman
G: NO!! Batman
D: Soupaman
Me: Boys, seriously, decide... How about Batman and Robin...
*in unison*
G: Gween lanern
D: Wonner woman
Me: Ok... I guess I will pick this year...
*in unison*
G: Batman
D: Fash
Me: Nevermind....

* as you can tell, The Justice League is big for them right now.*


D: My look soupaman?
Me: Nope
D: My look Geen lanern?
Me: Nope
D: Wonna woman?
Me: Nope
D: My look Bolt?
Me: No D... no movies today
D: My need snack
Me: You just finished your snack, no.
D: Soupaman?
Me: NO!
D: My need go swimmin'
Me: it is raining baby... we can't go swimming.
D: My need snack
*pause for a moment

D: Mommy?
Me: yes baby
D: Mommy, my need snack.
Me: D, I am so done with this.
Me: No, you are not getting another snack.
*now G feels the need to pipe in..
G: Mommy need be nice

**Was there a moment I was worried about them talking?


Emmilu said...

ha, ha.. Liam wanted Wesley to be pooh and himself tigger so I bought costumes a few weeks ago.... Wesey's is already too small and Liam now wants to be optimus prime

Monica said...

Too cute & imagine adding 1 more to all the craziness:) btw, we moved our blog & the link to our new blog is http://thebenicas.blogspot.com/.