Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Didn't you miss me doing these..

1) Kanye West is a douche.

I don't even like Taylor Swift... and I didn't think he could have ever topped the time with Mike Myers raising money for Katrina and busted out saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

2) Patrick Swayze is dead. :(
I guess even the sexiest men alive have to go at some time. I will have to break out Dirty Dancing as a tribute.

3) 6 Weeks today. I don't feel it at all. My doc visit Thursday will hopefully make me feel like this is real.

4) We have a final price on the house... it is set on the contract and we are locked into a 60 day USDA 100% Rural loan at exactly 5%... We won't have to put a penny down, and NO PRIMARY MORTGAGE INSURANCE.. NO PMI, NO PMI... shoooo.. that saves us about 200.00-250.00 a month on our mortgage bill. Crunching the numbers, it looks like our actual mortgage payment is going to be less than that of what we were living on in Lakeland... nice right. LOVE IT. Occupancy permit will be here soon people!!!!

I think I am done right now.. brain is pretty mushy right now. Love you all.


Jessica said...

Congrats again on the pregnancy! Hope you are feeling ok. I'm finally starting to get over that stage! YAY! Sounds like the house is coming along too. That's awesome!

Jessica said...

1)I agree. He should have to stay 1000 feet away from microphones from now on.

2)I agree. I was impressed to find out that he had been married to the same woman since the 70s. That's just not common in Hollywood.

3)YAY! It takes me a while to feel pregnant, too, but I'm definitely there 100% now.

4) Woo hoo! 5% is awesome and no PMI! That's double awesome!