Friday, October 2, 2009

House Update Week 12

I didn't update you on Week 11 because it was mostly the little stuff on the inside...

As of today, the yard is done, the landscaping is getting finished today and we are looking to close on the house in 2 weeks!!!!

Before that, we are gradually move stuff in... since we are going out of town this weekend, I won't get anything moved in this weekend, but I know Ka-Ka is off work for Fall Break coming up, so that week will be productive...

So excited... I will update with pics when I get out there.

OHHHH and we have an address and mailbox!!! so cool.

The builder just shook his head this morning when I was picking out bushes and stuff... the very front of our house is Blueberry and Raspberry bushes.. so I let him have by the garage to pick out what he thought would look good. Poor thing.. I am such a handful when it comes to "what I want"... and he is such a good sport.. he just laughs at me. lol


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