Monday, August 30, 2010

Third wheel

Here is the problem with having kids so close together.... One gets too close emotionally with the other without a return in favor.

Let me explain...
Dylan adores Gavin. He thinks Gavin is the bees knees and can do no wrong. Gavin is his superhero and he could not idolize him more.
Gavin... Well he loves Dylan' but with one year of preschool and socializing with other kids under his belt... Well, he doesn't feel as attached to Dylan as Dylan is to Gavin.
Gavin has always been more independent. Dylan has always been more dependent... Especially on Gavin's company.
D is always begging for G to come along where G is always telling D he can't come.
It's hard to watch.
What's harder? Watching it on the playground when G finds himself a little girl that quickly gets coined as his "girlfriend" and they are both ignoring a trailing Dylan.
Too bad i wasn't there to actually see it.
Yet my lovely husband caught it on video for me to witness.

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