Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Injury 2010 #7

Injury of the Unknown

We just don't know how he did it. We are guessing... J was watching TV, Gavin and I was bathing Corgan. Gavin and I heard a scream and thought nothing of it... lets be honest, you can't tell the difference in Dylan's "i hate being in trouble and I am frustrated" scream, or "I didn't get what I want" scream, versus his "my head is being ripped off by a man eating dinosaur" scream.
He has one scream and cry... it is loud and takes his breath away....

We assumed, being Dylan and close to bedtime time, he was just in trouble. Until J walked in the bathroom and I saw the blood.

J didn't know what had happened... he just knew Dylan was going upstairs then he heard a thud and boom.. blood.

I looked later and there is a stop on the wall where the paint is cracked and the sheet rock is pushed in real good... I am assuming he fell, hit the wall and hit it hard enough to basically explode the skin where he hit... because the cut was jagged, and there was a very good size know with it.

We shaved it and cleaned it up... this one we were not sure if he would need stitches or not, so we took him to the ER anyways.... no stitches... they said unless it is a cm (a quarter of an inch) they won't stitch... that sounds wide to me...but whatever.

And yes, the ER did question J about the almost identical spot on the other side of his head.
And yes, J was worried about CPS

And yes, I think he will have a mohawk on his first day of preschool.

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