Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Injury #6

Summer Injury #6: Pretty Bird..

D is a kid that gets distracted very very easily....
Lets not go into the medications the doctors will try to put him on when he hits school because lets be honest... he is my total ADHD kid.

He was playing and running with G and being distracted, didn't realize the window sill had jumped out right in front of him.

We had ER nurse Uncle Berek look at it and he said it looked like they would prolly just put glue on it... so no stitches, thank goodness, but ugh.. another shaved hole in his hair...
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Emmilu said...

Yeah, I've got one of those too! Do people tell you he's "all boy" all the time? Apparently, that's code for "this kid is off the charts distracted/crazy/hyper"