Monday, July 12, 2010

trip planned

We are finally planning another trip to Memphis... it will be the weekend before what would have been Mercy and Grace's 6th birthdays. Wow. Seems like just yesterday.. not 6 years ago. Me and J would normally make a trip to the cemetery, but because of the boys curious nature.. I don't think that will happen... they just wouldn't understand... granted, I hate to think of not visiting my baby girls until they could understand.
It's weird too because G and D have been talking alot about when Corgan gets older we need "twins girl babies".
Um.. no... appointment to get that fixed has been set.

We have never talked about the girls in front of the boys really... nothing for them to pick up on... and have never mentioned the fact that they have older sisters or anything like that... it is just weird... One day, we they can grasp the meaning of life and death and all of that, they will know, but not before then... until then.. they need to just stop asking because this is one thing they won't get.
and just enjoy Corgan as a little dude...
I sure do.


Jessica said...

6 years. Wow. I know you miss them so much. I hope the trip is peaceful to you even if you can't visit their grave.

Emmilu said...

I can't believe you've been pregnant 4 times in 6 years. You must be exhausted! Enjoy your trip and enjoy your sweet boys. I know you must miss your girls terribly.