Monday, July 26, 2010

I refuse

to play pretend with my eldest... never again... well, for now anyways...

1st instance of him making me feel like a complete and total idiot...

He had gotten out his doctor kit and started checking me up and down.. he looked in my ears "wow mom.. it's dark in there", "wow mom, it's dark in your mouth too!" "Uh oh, it's dark in your nose too!"

"OH NO DOCTOR... what do you think is the matter?"

"I need a light mom!?"
*all included with the look of 'you are totally stupid and I am stupider for being around you'.

Fast forward to this weekend.. we are all over at Ka-Ka and Pops celebrating J being old and officially sterile and G starts up explaining his superhero powers..
"I have a super long sharp tongue and it goes out like this 'pssst' and I can make wind like this and go like this and my butt does this whatever thingy.." well.. you get the picture and everyone was all intrigued and he was really putting on a show and asking questions until I asked "what is your name superhero?"

*again with this same look of 'please don't tell anyone you are my mom because you are dumb'...

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