Friday, July 2, 2010

My Eclipse review

Ok... a few things bugged me about the movie...

1) out of order - enough said.
2) Mush - all the major points of the book were mush together and tied together to make a movie... making the movie seem a bit rushed.
3) I HATE Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria... just saying.
4) Bella's wig. I just wanted to pluck it off her head the whole movie... damn Runaways movie.

If you can get past that... the movie is EPIC. I was unsure about it after the 1st viewing.. But once I relaxed and watched it a second time and got past those points above.. I loved it.

Now, I have always been Team Edward... but I might be changing teams...

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Monica said...

I completely agree w/ your review, only I didn't realize Bella was wearing a wig so when I see it again it will bug me I'm sure:) Are you going to make Jason grow a "Charlie stash" now - lol? Missed watching it w/ you, but maybe you can come down for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in November?