Friday, June 25, 2010


D goes into the bathroom... looks around... pees then he yells out...
"Ok, D"
*D immediately grabs the step stool that is by the sink and runs it back to the kitchen and then sprints back to the bathroom*
*Gavin looks at me in total bewilderment and reluctantly grabs the step stool and takes it back to the bathroom.
*D washes his hands*


G: "chugga chugga chew gotta get bamboo, chugga chugga chew gotta get bamboo, chugga chew chew got... wait, I did it wrong."


The boys have found a new show on Nickelodeon that they LOVE. Team Umizoomi.
I love it. Millie, Geo and Bot have mighty math powers and they work with numbers, building with shapes and patterns all while helping out the kids of UmiCity.
I think it is a great show.

Yet... I have the stupid song stuck in my head.


We have been jigsaw puzzle freaks in this house the past few days... that is all the boys want to do.
G is great at them... his attention span can keep him at that table for up to 2 hours at a time.
D... he is good, but would be better if his stomach didn't have a intimate connection with the kitchen table.

The other day, they were both working and Dad was helping D... D was working a 24 piece and G was working a 60 piece. D finished it and tore it up to start working it again, then G finished his and starts jumping up and down "I beat you D!!! D, hey, I beat you! haha I beat you D... hey.. D.. look!! I beat you!"
D looked, ignored.
G "haha, I beat you"
D... "so what?"
G *crickets* - poor thing just doesn't understand why that was NOT a big deal.

and I wonder why J eyed me and giggled and pointed and mouthed "thats your son you know"...

I casually responded with "he is more like me J!!! J, hey, he is more like me!! haha He is more like me J... hey.. J.. look!! He is more like me!"


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