Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's a... RANDOM

I know how much you miss me being random.. so here is something for you!

G: I wanna play superhero chutes and ladders.
J: Ok, let's play.
G: NO.
J: You don't want me to play?
G: No. I wanna win.

*I know NO idea where he gets that competitive nature.


So we were totally sitting in class in church and I just got finished feeding Corgan when he started filling his diaper.. at first it was fine... normal.

Then it became very abnormal... very quick.
A 30 second long fart that was so powerful that my hand on his back was being bubbled up due to the air and poop coming out the top of his diaper and gradually turning his clothes various shades of "ugh" by the second.

It took me a while to get up to change him.. I was laughing too hard.... and he smiled the whole time.

Only in church.. and only my kid.


J: forget this push mowing the yard crap... I think we need to go get that riding lawn mower NOW.
Me: Why?
J: too hot to be spending all weekend mowing this yard!!
Me: I will be released to exercise on Friday... then I will start mowing it again like I did before delivery.. at 39 weeks pregnant! Big baby.. its not a big deal!
J: it wasn't 100 degrees!
Me: no.. just 90!
J: Well, if you think we ought to wait....



D: Mommy... I want...???
Me: What baby.. what do you want?
D: I want...???
Me: What?
D: I dunno?
Me: well, let me know when you know.
D: But mommy!
Me: Yes baby?
D: I want....???
Me: what baby?
D: I want....??
*looked at me kinda funny for a minute...
D: Mommy?
Me: Yes baby?
D: I want...??

*This is a daily occurrence...

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Jessica said...

Hahah Love it! Especially the poop explosion. Averly had The Great Blowout of 2010 yesterday. Not even kidding. It was the worst EVER. Of any kid that I've ever seen. Up her back all the way to her neck! And out both sides of the diaper too. Whew these kids!