Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 weeks old yesterday

Looks like Corgan is going to make his weekly anniversary a milestone day... at 2 weeks, he smiled at the boys... at 3 weeks he lost his cord... at 4 weeks...

he rolled over.

No.. I am not kidding... we were settling down for the night and was giving him some tummy time before bed to get out all the gas so he could get ungassy and worn out before night night and the little booger head decided he wanted to be on his back...

I guess between his long bow legs and those green bean toes he has, he's got the leverage, but DANG.

I was putting clothes away and J was laying there with him and said "Casey, he just rolled from his stomach to his side, nevermind.. he got to his back"

If someone comments about "making room for another".. gonna come through the computer..

Just sayin'.

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