Friday, June 4, 2010

He knows too much

So, G is very curious... and inquisitive...
Always asking questions.


The other day, he was outside naked (like you do) and playing with his "nuts"...

a term his father has affectionately taught him...

and was examining his testicles.... rolling them around and whatnot until I finally said "G, stop doing that.. you are going to hurt something.. or something."

that is when the questions began... should have just kept my mouth shut.

"Mom, what is this" as he is squeezing
"They are testicles son"
"What do they do?"
"They make sperm baby"
"What do sperm do?"
"They help make babies. Now, go talk to your father about it because I am not discussing this with a 4 year old."

I am dreading the day when he figures out (which I totally didn't think about at the time) that what HE has helps make babies, but mommies, who don't have ding-a-lings, carry the baby.... I am not ready for those questions...

I really need to start thinking more about my answers to his questions... then start lying.

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