Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 3, with 3 kiddos

Well, first... I will show you pictures. We had a friend up here, Chesley, take newborn pictures of Corgan... she has posted a sneak peak of the pics on her website... you can go HERE to view them and browse her website and see all the pictures she takes.
(he was a week old at the time)

The two big boys gave her fits.
She left here stressed... so go and give her some love.

So onto life with 3 kids...
its wonderful 90% of the time
its stressful 50% of the time
I have 3 screaming babies only about 20% of the time.
I am in need of a nap about 80% of the time.
I am in love 100% of the time.
And I am in "oh crap I need them to take a number and a 3rd arm" mode about 10% of the time....

Like when they all want food at the same time... of course, it has improved my multitasking abilities... breastfeeding while walking around pouring milk and fixing peanut butter and jelly... believe me.. it takes skill.

Kids have also learned that I can whoop a butt and still breastfeed at the same time too. haha.

Last night, for example, I had a hungry screaming baby in my arms, a screaming baby in bed because "my ding-a-ling hurts" (*that is what happens when you RUB IT RAW ALL DAY after a mosquito bites it because you run around naked all the time), and another crying because I didn't come to the raw ding-a-ling soon enough and "he was scared the strangers got me because I didn't come." And they all wanted satisfying AT THE SAME DADGUM TIME.

Painful.. in more ways than one...

But it is worth it.

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chesley said...

thanks for the shout out! girl, you obviously haven't been around my kids for an extended period because they're crazy! I was right at home with your boys...i'm just not usually taking pictures during the middle of the chaos at my house (at least not ones that matter to anyone but me) :-)! for the record, i wasn't that stressed & you got some great shots anyway!