Friday, May 14, 2010

1st doc appointment

Corgan, who the boys have affectionately named "boo boo"....

I take blame for that.. that is what I sometimes call them.


So he is now, 6lbs, 9oz, 19.25 inches long. He has surpassed his birth weight... a goal the doc had put on him for 2 weeks and he is there.

Thank goodness him eating like he has is paying off, since he is totally sleeping 6 hours practically every night... he still manages to get 7 to 8 meals in.

His "tongue tied" clip is healing the way it should.
His ding-a-ling is doing great too.
His cord is still there, but very loose.

He is wonderful.


Jessica said...

What a sweetie! Go Mama's milk! Wasn't it Dylan who had that dang cord stump for months?

What The Hell Is This? said...

It was Gavin.. over 8 weeks he had that stupid thing.
And Corgan has been the best latcher I have had!

Emmilu said...

What a cutie!!! I thought I was going to have to cut Wesley's cord stump off... it was 2 months... i shoulda known then.... such a mama's boy.