Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corgan is 2 weeks, G had his last day at school... and D, well, he got a milkshake

Yesterday was a busy day.
G had his last day of school... a half day, with a Pizza Party.

D wanted a pizza party...

Cor turned 2 weeks old and started making noises and goofy faces and me and the boys.

D wanted to carry him...

J went out of town for the first time since Cor has been here.

D wanted Daddy to play the farm game with him...

D got to go to McDonald's and have a milkshake with momma for breakfast after dropping off G and getting Cor to sleep.

He later dropped his pants and showed Mrs. Shelley proof that he was a boy when she came to visit Cor.

I adore that kid.

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