Sunday, May 9, 2010

Corgan's birth story.. and ok.. some pics

May 5th, at 5:00 we checked in at Summit Medical Center. It was a nice and easy process... I had already preregistered so it was simple. I got my room and the 1st nurse checked me out...

"stretchy 3cm"

By the time she asked all her questions and got me worked in all the monitors and we talked about previous deliveries, she got me hooked up to the Pitocin by 6:00am. She decided it would be best to put me on a very low dosage. It just made the contractions more regular, not necessarily any stronger.

at 7:00 am when the new nurse got on duty, she checked me out...


Great, progress. It was pretty boring at this point. They told me the doc would be in between 8:00 and 8:30 to break my water.

At 8:30 he came in a checked me and broke my water.

"3cm. 70%. -2 station."
"but the nurse just said I was 4cm?"
"She must have checked you during a contraction because you are stretchy"

Great.. moving backwards.. but HEY MY WATER IS BROKE.
I immediately updated facebook and then braced myself for the contraction that is coming up, because hey, my cushion is gone.

Very manageable at first... then they gradually started getting worse. The nurse had me on my side to labor instead of my back.. thank goodness because my back always hurts when I am pregnant.

8:40... starting to breathe and starting to get more and more uncomfortable through the hips.

8:45... PRESSURE AND MY HIPS ARE CONSTANTLY ACHING... I hit the nurse call button... I NEED THE EPIDURAL PLEASE... "J, call your mom.. go ahead and get the kids up here!" Nurse checks me...

"OH SHIT" *sorry.. using exactly what happened*

New nurse immediately leaves the room to get other nurses to help and to help get the epidural in here quicker...

8:50... OH GOOD LORD MY BODY IS TAKING OVER... I hit the nurse call button again and squeaked out "I NEED TO PUSH". 4 nurses come rushing in and 1 is standing in the hall yelling "GET A DOC IN HERE NOW... I DON'T CARE WHO IT IS.. GET HER DOC UP HERE AND GET A DOC IN HERE NOW!" I am trying to hold on pushing as much as I can per nurses orders and the epidural guy walks in... looks... and walks right back out.

Nurses are rushing around, getting stirrups settled, getting baby stuff settled... lathering me up with iodine... The whole time I am breathing and moaning... and on the verge of breaking the side rails of the bed.

THANKFULLY... they left the bed intact and had not disassembled it yet...

9:04... I HAVE TO PUSH!!! and WHAM!!! All I saw from my point of view, was the nurse with her hands held up to the end of the bed like she was trying to keep something from rolling off.... J said he saw the kid actually bounce on the bed.

There was no "there's the head, now let's get the shoulders out"... he came out head to feet in one whole motion and shot out like I just skipped a rock over a pond.

I was in shock I guess.... I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open in a "Holy Crap" mode.

As J was cutting the cord, the doc came in.

"Told you I labor fast"
"I believed you"
"You missed it"
"I know... I guess all I get is the rest"

And there we have it.. quick and to the point.... And I included EVERYTHING.

6 lbs, 7 oz, 19 inches of pure contentment and calmness.
I couldn't be happier.


chesley said...

i can so relate to this story!! you need to locate my story on my blog in jan 08! he is beautiful & your boys look in awe! congratulations!

Jessica said...

Wow that is crazy! At least it was fast w no epidural & not long & drawn out! He is precious! Congrats again!

Dana said...

OH, Casey! He is too cute. Makes me REALLY want another one.

It's Kimpossible! said...

Crap, Casey! When you do something, you go full force! Bouncing baby boy is given a whole new meaning, lol. Congrats again!

Kendra Reiling said...

What a great experience Casey!! Congrats, the pics are great!!! You and your boys are just adorable!!!! I pray that my delivery goes as easy!!

Carrie said...

Awe he is just wonderful!


Christie said...

We are so very excited for you all!! What a sweet little guy! And his big brothers look very happy! Congrats!!