Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Impromptu Ultrasound

I had a 15 week, 1 day impromptu ultrasound today to check on the blood clot issue I had a couple of weeks ago.

No more clot to report!!!
No more pelvic rest!!!

And we DID find out the sex.

What the ultrasound tech said to convince me??
"That looks like a big ding-a-ling to me.. doesn't it you?"


Our 3rd little boy is on his way.

Now for your job...
find a name with these specifications that is cute and will fit in well with Gavin and Dylan.

1) Musical relation (i.e. GAVIN Rossdale, Bob DYLAN)
2) 5 letters long
3) ends in an 'n'
4) 2 syllables

NOW... GO!!!!


Emmilu said...

Bless your heart.... 3 boys! I love it!

Joye said...

Congrats! Harrison, Aiden, Lennon, Page (I know no n)
You are so cool with your baby names! :)

1955Modelandrunningstrong said...

Jaxon ( for Jackson Brown)
Logan ( no music connects yet)

and my favorite, " you sweet like cutie poohotie"