Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me and D time

Well, G woke up this morning and was not running a fever and eating again, so I came to my own conclusion that he was fine to go to school and have fun.

That said, me and D have been working on some me and D time. He loves to ride on the lawn mower when I mow and I have found that it seems to relax him quite a bit.. he just lays back and chills.

Today he chilled just a bit too much.

I couldn't bring myself to wake him... so after all the mowing was done, I continued to drive around for another 20 minutes until gas was running out. He woke like he hadn't skipped a beat. So sweet... it isn't everyday I get good sleepy baby lovin'... so I took advantage.


Monica said...

That little boy is too sweet & funny - love it!

Whitney said...

That is precious!