Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day of Pre-school

Yep... G had his first day of pre-school today and he has been excited about it for weeks... he got new shoes, a new backpack, and new lunchbox, napmat, and pillow and blanket... We let him pick out everything and he did so good... he was up at 5am getting his shoes on and already picking out his clothes saying he was ready to go to school.

that was a tough 4 hour wait.

Especially since he was running a fever.

Yes, yes, the letter sent home clear states that said children are not to come to school unless their fever has been gone for at least 24 hours.

But it was only 100.5
And it was his first day

And there was no way in hell I was going to tell him he could not go to school after all the hype we had put on it.

And D, the poor thing, was just lost without him. Everytime we got in the car it was all "go-in get Gabin?"
I had to tell him no constantly....

Then I had to get him up from his nap to "go-in get Gabin."

Unfortunately, he will have to miss his 2nd day of school because his fever shot up to 101.6 and I took a look in his mouth after he won't drink his milk and yep... puss pockets... he has tonsillitis... I know it.. off to the doctor...

We will try again next week.

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