Friday, August 21, 2009

House Week 7

We had a few days of rain, so I expected the outside to be rather unchanged...
On the inside though... we got insulation and drywall!!! It is coming together...

And on the outside, we did indeed get some more siding, and some of our shutters!!

On our side of things, we finally got a hold of some hardwood and some tiles we love at a great price... back story, when we were fixing up the house in Memphis, we got a hold of a Surplus Warehouse and got a great hardwood and tile then... we were so happy. Since our contractor has been begging us to finally agree on a tile and hardwood, we have been stumped bad. No one here seems to carry the hardwood I love for a reasonable price and I wasn't about to give up on that... and we were visiting everywhere... salvage places, Lowe's, various other discount options.. we were kicking ourselves. We finally had the right mind to search into this place we had previously found and BOOM... there is one in Clarksville, TN... just a little over an hour drive.
So we have our tile and hardwood picked out and we are so happy!!!!

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Emmilu said...

looks great!!!