Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I would be surprised if anyone was out there reading this.. but oh well.

I am still trying to get the hang out of the set up here and getting some computer time and me time and plenty of kid time and exercise time... my computer time seems to be lacking.... and exercise time... but I am getting the latter back dadgumit!!

I get on the puter enough to check my google reader with all the blogs I like.. of course 491 are still presently not seen... and I check my email... I research decor ideas... and of course, I had to get on to see this...

I will wait as you absorb the awesomeness of it.

Good thing about this computer set up.. G is learning how to work it well. I pull up this trailer and he watches it intently and then mouses his way around and clicks replay over and over and over again... he loves to watch the clip....

man after my own heart.

I haven't updated much on them..

Kinks are still being worked out.
I am still trying to keep G from peeing in the dogs water bowl
I am still working on teaching them to stay in the play room and their bedroom for most of the day.
I am still adjusting to having them both in the pool with just me.
D is still throwing massive fits... but they have gotten somewhat better.
I haven't gotten any pics because I have to keep it hidden therefore haven't gotten it out much. I have looked and there are tons of pics of the boys toys that G has taken.

I promise, next time I update, I will include pics of the boys.

I promise.


Jessica said...

That is so funny that Gavin is peeing in the dog bowl! That cracks me up! Hope the house plans are still going well.

Emmilu said...

Glad to hear all is well.... there is comfort in known chaos :)

Jessica said...

Good to hear from you! G peeing in the dog bowl is TOO FUNNY!! I bet the dogs don't agree...

1955Modelandrunningstrong said...

We are out here, waiting patiently, so take your time. Hang in there. Luv'u

Monica said...

Good to hear from you & your new lives up there - we miss you all! Christie & I had our first girl's night w/out you & we missed our Casey friend - there wasn't even a mention of Twilight:)

Christie said...

We sure did miss you at girls night out! You'll have to let us know sometime when you'll be in town and we'll get together again.
Did you hear that Ben and I found out that we are having a boy? We sure are! I'm sure you have lots of advice for us. : ) Miss you girl!!