Monday, January 25, 2010

Asking for honest opinions...

Do I look bloated? Seriously, I think I ate too big a breakfast... you can be critical... I can take it.

Ok... lame joke.. I kid.

Seriously though, that pic was taken a few weeks ago at 22 weeks gestation.

I am 25 weeks as of tomorrow.

I know, I get big quick... lay off. lol

Sorry about the lack of posts lately... I have felt a little bit overwhelmed with D's 3rd birthday coming up and all. I am about 2 weeks late on getting his invites out, but made great strides in getting everything done this weekend...
I will concentrate on G's 4th birthday and rush those invites out too.
G's soccer season starts
I will be in the 30's weeks and get overwhelmed with "omg this kid is coming" mode and we will see where posts go from there.

Also, sorry about the lack of Photo Monster's Mondays... the newness has worn off of the camera for the boys and they really haven't been taking tons of pics. I will post them as I gather enough.

And our Dyson is in for service, so I am always feeling like this house is a mess.

And we are having some small issues with G and him somewhat acting out.. we think it is due to all the baby talk, so we are chilling with that around him for a bit.

OH... and we have picked out a name.

Corgan Albert Whiteaker

Corgan for Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. We wanted to stick with our musical names theme.
Albert... J's middle name

It was between Corgan and Zevon and I decided, eventhough I liked Zevon more, Corgan would prolly be easier for him growing up.

Love you all.. Miss you all... I will try to write more often.


Jessica said...

I love the name! Wow, time has flown! I only have 6 wks left...yay!! Hope your feeling good!

Monica said...

Great to see your beautiful, pregnant self & hear an update about what's going on w/ you guys! Love the name:)