Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3

Day 3, Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today started like all the others... D and G up at the buttcrack of dawn and set on ready. Apparently J got up and fixed them sippies and changed a diaper because of what I was told. I never heard a thing... all I know is that NaNa woke and J came back to bed because those 3 finally got us 2 out of bed around 9am.

At one point, NaNa and the boys found some crabs scouting around in the hall... NaNa wanted to keep them as pets for the boys but wanted J to help her catch them... J in his sleepy state apparently told them to "shoo them outside"... I didn't realize his aversion to crabs.

They continued on their adventure and came across a rat...
It was outside and playing it the bushes so I am not too worried about it getting in the rooms.

By 10am we were all snacked out and heading down to the beach... we got settled on our chairs and I immediately realized I had forgotten to wrap my hand up... back up the boardwalk I go.
By the time I got back I see D in daddy's arms wailing... apparently he was playing and felt and scrapped his legs on the chair... I took him and he laid on me for about 30 minutes.. I thought his was asleep and I was imagining how I was going to explain the baby tan line I would be receiving at that very moment.

No need to worry my head, he was up and ready to drive me nuts. He had it in his mind, I am guessing, from the minute he woke that he was under NO circumstances getting in the ocean. NaNa and G even dug out a very large hole near the tide and filled it with water and told D they had built him a pool.

He could have cared less.
He never did get near the ocean this morning.

He did however watch J dig and dig and dig... I don't know exactly what J was aiming for in his digging adventure, but he dug a hole in the sand big enough for the boys to stand in and still be below ground level. I think he would have dug forever...

If it wasn't for that HUGE, ENORMOUS, MAN-EATING, 2 inch by 1 inch wide crab emerge from the hole J was digging. My big, strong man leaped out of that hole in a single bound... ahhhhh he is my superman.

Playtime was not yet quite ruined but during our stint in the morning, a group of 3 teenage, I am guessing about 14-15 years old laid out their blankets and was sunning right in front of us. Their parents were next to us soaking in the rays too... The boys really didn't pay too much attention to them... at first.

D was the first to notice and we really got a glimpse of his approach... He is slow and steady and doesn't really mind being noticed... he has no manners when it comes to his gawking... he walked right up to them, said hi and circled them slow... eye on them the whole time... never did his eye wander away... then he went up to candidate number 1 and asked her "wanna go to Pops house?"

that got a lot of awww's from bystanders... gave me a migraine.

G is more subtle. He was running up from the ocean when he stopped them and once he was in their line of sight that little booger head stopped and his gait turned into the slowest dragging of feet I have ever seen... he slight had his head hung with his eyes glancing sideways towards the girls to see if they noticed him. Once he was finally a significant distance away, he pace sped back up...

Now I have an eye twitch.

This routine with both of them continued until around noon with they both came and got in my lap and asked to go take a nap. Nice.

On our way up to the room, he were walking along the sidewalk to the room when my superman in front took a flying leap backwards... he did steady himself enough to wanna tell the boys "LOOK AT THE SNAKE BOYS... LOOK.. HURRY"...
The whole time I am 40 feet in front of them shooing them into the building.

When everyone finally woke ME it was 3:45... and apparently we were heading to the pool.... great, it is right outside the balcony of our room. The boys got on their floats, jumped in and was having a blast.... Until they spotted 2 little girls in the pool... one was 6 and one was 4... both cute as a bug.... I let the boys play in the pool without momma for a while and just observed them...

G was copying everything the 6 year old did... D just watched... after about an hour, the atmosphere had shifted and now my 2 and 3 year old is sitting on the steps and the 6 year old his sitting talking to them both... G got bored and headed off and that little blonde kept talking to D...

then I heard it.

"Wanna go to Pop's house?"

The 6 YEAR OLD blushed and asked me how old his was, I said 2 and she said "He told me his was 3."

Great... not only is my 2 year old inviting every hussy he sees back to his crib, he is lying about his age to get the older women.

Wow... didn't know you could get a migraine AND an eye twitch at the same time.

I felt like this was a good time to get the boys in, get ready and take tonight to go out to eat and do some more shopping. We wanted to go to The Oyster House... we called on our way and they said there was not wait... 15 minutes later we called and it was an 1 1/2 hour wait... We ended up at this little place called The Gulf Island grill.

D loves him some sautéed crab claws. G loves him crackers dipped in ketchup.

After a very full meal we headed to this place called The Happy Place... it was big hippy shop of sorts and after some souvenir shopping, a lady walked up and gave the boys a hug and a sticker that said "I got a free hug at The Happy Place". D thought he would try to fit in by refusing shoes and G found a gumball on the floor and helped himself to it.

Checkout was shortly thereafter.

Then another first for the boys.. they went into their first tattoo parlor.


No one got a tattoo. I got my lip pierced again though. They didn't witness the procedure... I would not subject them to that... before we got home, G was asleep in the van and D was covered in bubble gum....

Fun day, long day... tiring day. Hope tomorrow is more of the same.


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Jessica said...

Your description of your day is killing me! You've got two Casanovas on your hands!!!